Goldilocks Forest Hunt

We have been learning all about Goldilocks.  We all went over to the forest, as this is where the setting of the story is.  As a group, we discussed what a forest is like and what we could see in the forest.  The children then had to go on a hunt; we had hidden objects that appear in the story.  The children had to find the objects and bring them back to the circle.  We discussed where they appear in the story, and what Goldilocks does with them.  We then re-enacted the story of Goldilocks, using the props to support us.  All the children had to join in with the lines: “Someone’s been eating my porridge” etc.  It was great fun!


Next week we shall be learning about Goldilocks.  We shall be retelling the story, speaking about the characters and writing letters from Goldilocks.  We will also be making porridge and looking at instructions to write a recipe.  It would be geat if you could read this story through with your child, in order for them to be fully prepared and confident to work on this. Continue reading

Reception Save the Day!

This week is Superhero week! This began with a dramatic role play situation; Miss Hanif had been kidnapped by Baddy Bob!! We found a letter which led us to rhyming clues around the school, being superheros to solve the mystery. The children were really excited throughout this whole activity and the language they were using to describe Baddy Bob and where Miss Hanif might be was fantastic;
e.g. “He lives in a tall, dark tower!”
Eventually we followed all the clues, rescued Miss Hanif and saved the day! Don’t panick parents, Baddy Bob was caught by the police and locked up forever all thanks to Reception!

We’re everybody’s friend in Reception!

This week we have been recognising the importance of being a good friend. In small groups we discussed what you can do to show your a good friend e.g. give them a thumbs up. We took it in turns saying a nice thing to compliment somebody. We then wrote our ides down and displayed them on our friendship walls.
“We are all friends in Reception!”

Ruth Miskin Blending

This is a short clip from Ruth Miskin Phonics demonstrating how you can work with your child at home to practise blending their sounds together to read words. Children are given weekly word time sheets to with numerous words which you can practise ‘Fred talk’ with them. We would hope that your child will begin to hear and say the sounds in words, blending them together.
It is also important that you continue to practise the letter sounds and formation with your child.