Elmer Colours

As part of our Elmer work, we have been investigating colour change.  We have been mixing paints, and using crepe paper in water to change it’s colour.  Children were encouraged to talk about how the water/colour was changing.  We were also creating our own patchwork elephant, using our collaborative skills.

DSCF2269 DSCF2273 DSCF2275 DSCF2276 DSCF2278 DSCF2279 DSCF2280 DSCF2285


Our learning next week shall be based on the book: “Elmer” by David McKee.  Elmer is an elephant who does not like to be different.  He wants to be just like everybody else.  However, in the end he realises how wonderful he really is!  We all have different talents and gifts, what are yours?