RE – The Lost Son

This half term, we have been looking at the parable of ‘The Lost Son’. A parable is a simple story told to teach a lesson about how to behave. Jesus told many parables and these can be found in the Gospels in the Christian Bible. Here is a clip showing the story.

What was Jesus trying to help people understand with this story?

Do any other stories from any other religions have messages like this?


Geography Homework – 10.2.23 – Countries and capitals in the United Kingdom

We have been trying to remember the countries in the United Kingdom and the capital cities. Click on the links and try to complete the quizzes to prove what you know.

Christmas Advent Calendar and other fun

Here are some Advent calendars and  games to play and things to watch over the Christmas holidays. We hope you have a lovely holiday! Have fun and stay safe!

Christmas Jigsaws

Christmas Games

The Snowman

The Night before Christmas

Mr Shepherd’s Webpage – Sing Christmas songs