Party, Party in 1n – 14.12.11

In 1n we have been celebrating. We used all of our party planning skills to have a surprise party. We got to make our own food such as pizzas with toppings of sweetcorn, pineapple and mushrooms. Then we got to make pin wheel sandwiches with either jam or cheese spread. Then we had a surprise party in the hall with dancing and party games. Then we got to eat our healthy food which we had made. We all had a good time, please take a look at our pictures.

Printing in 1N – 1.12.11

1N have been making wrapping paper using the printing technique. They were asked different questions eg, How is wrapping paper made? Where do we get wrapping paper from? The children used paint for the printing and made some lovely designs and patterns, please take a look at our pictures.