1L Trip to New York

In Geography the children have been learning about what it is like to live in a big city. They looked at various big cities around the world and the children decided they wanted to find out more about New York. So of course, they had to go and visit!

The classroom was transformed into an airport, airplane and various landmarks around New York.
The children got their passports ready to go through airport security and board the plane. Once they were on the plane they watched an air safety video and off they went!
The children used some of their travel money to buy a New York bagel.
The children went sight seeing and travelled round New York in a yellow taxi. They visited the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and even had time to stop off at a gift shop to buy a souvenir.

1L’s Visit to Blakesley Hall

Last week we visited Blakesley Hall to learn more about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot. We enjoyed looking at the artefacts, dressing up as historic figures and exploring a historic building. We learned in more detail about the history of Guy Fawkes and the reason for The Gunpowder Plot. The children loved reenacting these events.