1N Festival Day – 21.10.11

[slideshow]1n have had a fantastic Festivals day.  We enjoyed learning about Holi the Hindu Festival of colour and made pictures by blowing runny paint with straws.  We have celebrated Diwali by listening to the Rama and Sita story and making stick puppets of the characters.  We also designed Rangoli patterns and then iced them onto biscuits.  We enjoyed learning about the Chinese Moon Festival and made lanterns for this.  Throughout the day children have also had the opportunity to make a festival cards and take part in some traditional Bhangra and Bollywood dancing with Miss Dulay.  Please take a look at our pictures.



Year 1 – Twycross Zoo Visit – 13.10.11

[slideshow]Year 1 went to Twycross zoo where they had the chance to look at animals from our jungle topic such as elephants, giraffes, gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, parrots and other animals such as penguins, sealions, otters, bats, and camels.  They also visited the pets corner where they saw donkeys, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats and chinchillers.  Everybody had a great time please look at our pictures.

1P 26-09-11

[slideshow]This week 1P went to visit Calthorpe jungle. They found lots of jungle animals including zebras grazing in the fields, giraffes eating leaves from the tall trees, crocodiles swimming in the lake and cheeky monkeys swinging in the trees. We all had a lovely time and can’t wait to visit the jungle again.