Out of this World – Topic Year 1 – 09.01.12

Today in year 1 we were told an alien had landed in Calthorpe Haven, so we went over to investigate to see what we could find. We saw that a spaceship had crashed and there was green slime and footprints. We talked as a group what we thought had happened. We then went back to school. When we arrived, an alien appeared on the screeen asking us for help to get him back to his home.

We then wrote a letter telling him about us and asking him questions about himself and we told him that we would help him build his spaceship. Please take a look at our pictures.

Science in 1N – Light and dark – 4.1.12

Today in 1N we have been learning to understand what is light and what is dark. We got to look at objects through dark boxes. We also went on a light walk around school, where we had to find objects that gave out light. Also we got to feel different objects in a dark area of our room and then look at the objects with a torch to see what they were. Also we got to play with puppets using the whiteboard to make a puppet show. We had a great time please look at our pictures.