Year 1 sports day

On Monday the children, staff and parents enjoyed the Year 1sports day at Calthorpe Haven. All children worked well in their teams to score points to become the winning team. A big congratulations to Red group for coming first with 499 points. Thank you to all of the parents that came along to support the children. Here are a few photographs of the children in action.




Our Trip to Wonderland

To begin our topic ‘Once Upon A Time’ we visited the magical Wonderland in Telford. We saw lots of things from a number of familiar fairy tales such as; The Three Bear’s cottage, the Gingerbread house and the Big Bad Wolf. We even got lost in ‘Alice in Wonderland’s’ crazy maze! (We did get out after a while).


Year 1Fudge day

After reading the story ‘Pirates Love Underpants’ by Claire Freeman and Ben Cort we set the children and parents the challenge of making a plasticine boat with a competition to see which boat could hold the most bears without sinking. A big congratulations to Corde who made a boat that floated holding 18 bears!