1A Sink or Float?

Today we all dressed up as Pirates (including staff) to celebrate the end of our topic.

We tested our Pirate Ships to see if they would sink or float.
Unfortunately most of the ships filled up with water and sank (except for a few childern’s ships and Miss Alexander’s). We talked about what different materials we would use if we had to make them again!

1A Pirate Ships

1A have been very busy this week making Pirate ships.
Firstly, they designed thier ships and made a list of materials that they would need to make it. Then they collected the materials and made some fantastic ships that we shall sail tomorrow.
Hope they don’t sink!

Each Peach Pear Plum poems by 1A

In our Literacy lesson 1A have been reading a poem called ‘Each Peach Pear Plum’ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.

We then changed the poem to fit in with our topic ‘What an Adventure’ where we have been learning all about pirates.

Please have a read of our funny poems.

Each peach pear plum
I spy a giant bum
A giant bum on a back
I spy a big sack
A big sack on a pirates lap
I spy a pirate’s black cap
A pirate’s black cap on a pirates head
I spy a parrot’s bed
A parrot’s bed in a room
I spy a giant mushroom.

Each peach pear plum
I spy my mum
My mum waving the flag
I spy a big bag
A big bag outside
I spy a parrot who cried.

Each peach pear plum
I spy Captain Thumb
Captain Thumb on the ship
I spy a massive zip
A massive zip on a coat
I spy a giant boat
A giant boat on the sea
I spy a stingy bee.

Each peach pear plum
I spy Bob Marley’s drum
Bob Marley’s drum in the ship
I spy a big chip
A big chip going to Hawaii
I spy Captain Shiny
Captain Shiny on the boat
I spy a gold coat.

Happy Vaisakhi

In year 1 this Half term we have been learning all about Sikhism. We read stories about the Gurus and learnt about why they are important. We looked at pictures of the Gurdwara and learnt about the importance of the Langar.

We have also learnt about the celebration of Vaisakhi and we made lion kites which we flew outside in our playground.

1A’S Hunt for Freddy!

This Half Term our topic is called ‘What an adventure’ and we have been learning all about pirates.

When we arrived at school last week we found a letter from Captain Jack in our classroom. It read:

Ahoy me hearties,
Take a close look and you’ll see I took Fred away with me.
Captured and soon to walk the plank!
I’ll give you a chance with clues where we are, solve them and find us or I’ll take him far.
Time is ticking so be quick..
After an adventure through your school we are now on a large wooden chair enjoying a spot of Bearwood air.
Fair winds
Captain Jack

We couldn’t believe it be we knew we had to rescue Fred. We put on our coats and made our way outside to the wooden chair to find him. But when we got there the chair was bare except for another note with a clue to solve.

After we had solved all of the clues we rescued Fred form captain Jack. Hurray!