1N’s Pirate Adventure Visit – 29.06.12

Today 1N had a visit from Pirate Rachel. She helped us to learn how pirates use to live and what they use to do. We got to be pirates and act out everything they did on their ships including dancing, singing, firing cannons and cleaning the ship. It was really exciting and lots of fun. Please take a look at our comments and our pictures.

Message in a bottle – 1N – 14.06.12

Today in 1N the children got to solve clues and find our misssing puppet. They came to the classroom to find there is a bottle and inside the bottle there is a piece of paper. They came up with different ideas, Who can it be from? What it might say? Where did it come from?
Then the children got to go on a hunt around the school to find our missing puppet. They read the clues that had been left by Pirate Captain Jack. They had to solve the clue and find the next place where our puppet could be. They had to work in a team. Please look at our pictures.