1N ‘Going on a Bear Hunt ‘

As part of our literacy lesson this week we are looking at stories with a rhythm. The story of  We’re going on a Bear Hunt was written by Michael Rosen &  is a favourite with children and adults.

The children went into the hall where we had prepared areas to depict parts of the story. They  imagined they were going to find the Bear, through grass, a river, mud, a forest, a snow storm & finally into a cave.The children really enjoyed acting out the various parts!

We hope  the following photographs show you the fun they had.

Jungle Models – 1A – 18.10.12

Our topic in year 1 this half term is Rumble in the Jungle. We got to make our favourite 3D Jungle animals today using clay and recycled materials. Some of us worked together in little groups. We used our sharing and teamwork powers. We learnt different ways of joining materials together and discussed the different techniques we were using (rolling, joining and kneading). We made snakes, elephants, tigers, lions and giraffes. We had lots of fun. Please take a look at our pictures.

Year 1 – Twycross Zoo Visit – 10.10.12

Year 1 went to Twycross Zoo and got to look at all the different animals. We saw lots of different monkeys including the chimpanzees and the orangutangs. We listened to the different noises they made and how they were acting. We saw elephants, meerkats, parrots, bats, snakes, spiders, camels, gorillas, hyena, ferrets, alpacas, otters and farm animals including rabbits and guinea pigs. We also got to see the penguins being fed. We saw a new animal to the zoo this year which was the snow leopard. He was playful and was very scary at times.
We all had a great day and had lots of fun please take a look at our pictures.