Mathletics 1N

What a busy week! A big congratulations to these children for achieving certificates: Christina has achieved her first bronze certificate, Sushruth has achieved two bronze certificates and Humairah and Karimah have both achieved their first silver certificates. Keep up the hard work.

1A’s Inspire workshop

This week 1A had their Inspire Workshop where lots of 1A’s parents came and listened to the story called ‘We’re Going on a Bear hunt’ by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury. The children then shared their own version of the story called ‘We’re Going on a Bat Hunt’ which their parents thoroughly enjoyed. They also made animal puppets and designed different scenes and made their own animal hunt.
A very big thank you to all the parents who came.

The Snake’s Long Tongue By Karimah Khan

Once upon a time there lived a snake. He met a man, the man said ” What’s the matter?” The snake said “my tongue is too long”.  So the man decided to help the snake. Suddenly the man had magical powers and made the snake’s tongue shrink. The snake said “yippy! ! ! ”  So they went off to find a house. They found a house with lots of food, toys, children and a mom. They lived together for many months. Then one day the snake decided to find his own house and went on his way safely. He found a nice incredible, amazing cave to live in. Just then some body knocked on his door it was a lot of snake children who wanted to live with him. They lived happily ever after.


The End

The Lion Who Hurt His Paw By Humairah Khan

Once upon a time there lived a lion, who  had  hurt his paw. He couldn’t eat his food, which was a rabbit, because it would always hop away. Then one day there was a doctor, not just any doctor but a vet ! The vet took the lion into the river, she said ” are you feeling better now ?”.

“No” said the lion hungrily. The vet found him some food. The lion ate all of the food, then the vet saw in the lion’s paw was a thorn. She carefully pulled it out. The lion roared ! the vet got really terrified and she jumped up. She said to the lion ” It’s o.k  I will put a plaster on it and tomorrow it will be better”.

The lion slept all night and the vet looked after him. The next day it was better. The vet said ” can I go back to my home now ?”. The lion said ” yes! thank you for looking after me”.

The lion lived happily ever after.

The End

Year One’s Celebrations work

Year 1 have been really busy this week celebrating Diwali and Bonfire night. They have learned all about the story of Rama and Sita and made Rangoli pattern from different types of lentils to mark this special celebration.

Also as part of their History lesson they have learned about The Gunpowder plot and they made super firework pictures using different coloured chalks.