Today in Plan-Do-Review we used new questions. Our new questions were What? How? and Why? We also had lots of fun making a Nintendo DSi from our Cardboard Factory. We also had a Dinosaur battle going on today too!! The children got to use their imagination and design their own Island. How fabulous was today!!

Making Party Masks.



Today in Topic we made our own party masks.  We decorated them using felt tips, crayons, tissue paper, stars and streamers.


Musical Instruments


We had lots of fun making our musical instruments.  We used tins, bottles and boxes.  We made and decorated guitars, shakers and drums.

Morning Activities!

Every morning 1S are super busy with their morning activities we are……


  • Remembering hidden object
  • Finding shapes, objects and letters around the class
  • Finding the ‘odd one out’

Story tellers

  • Making up our stories using pictures and objects

Speaking and listening experts

  • Saying what we would do if……? (the postman deleivered a monkey! We found a snake! etc) 
  • Playing agree/Disagree- Friday is the best day of the week….. Rain is great……


  • Using a bag of objects just look at the funny faces each colour group made! Which is your favourite?


Year 1 Party planners!

The fun continues in Year 1 as we continue our ‘Let’s Party!’ theme. After exploring Diwali and Eid we will be beginning to plan our own party in more detail as we become party planners!

1S Party Shop Role play – Check!

Musical instruments – check!


Looks like we will be having a busy, creative week! We will keep you posted with the finished products! 🙂

Musical Instruments

Today we have made Musical Instruments.  We made Guitars, Shakers and Drums. The children really enjoyed making these instruments and decorated the instruments too.  The children really enjoyed today’s lesson.

Playground Games

Key Stage 1 have been having great fun this week playing lots of new and exciting playground games.

We have had the parachute out, been playing target games anfd circle games and even had the cars, t-set and k’nex outside! What did you enjoy most?