1P : Book Day and Sports relief

Year 1 enjoyed coming dressed up as characters from books and films and to celebrate world book day and also sponsored sports relief.

Here are some comments from the children about our day:

Sports relief is really fun. I dressed up as the cat in the hat. Iris

All the class looked lovely.The princesses and the super heros looked amazing. My dress is a fairy. I think I am amazing. Aminah

We have been dressing up as fairies and princes. We had fun. The girls looked amazing and the boys looked amazing . Sehrish

On sports relief you can have a good time. It is fun. We dressed up as super heros. Nikhil

Today all the children dressed up as princesses and super heroes. All of us are having fun. Janis

Jack and the Beanstalk in 1N – 08.03.12

Over the last two days 1N have been retelling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Children have had the chance to draw and write story maps and make their own role-play masks of the characters. Also they had the chance in groups to narrate and role-play their own story and have their story recorded with a flip cam. Please take a look!