1L Wallace and Gromit’s adventure

As part of our topic ‘Out of this world’ The children in 1L re-told the story of Wallace and Gromits ‘Grand day out’ using props they made and found in the classroom. Hope you enjoy their story!

Once upon a time Wallace and Gromit were bored so they decided to make a rocket and go on an adventure to the moon.
When they arrived they were really hungry so they had a picnic on the moon.
After, they bumped into some friendly aliens called Zig, Zoo and Zeny who showed them around. It was getting late so they said goodbye to the aliens and they set off through space and landed back on Earth.
Both Wallace and Gromit were really tired after their Grand day out so they went to bed and hiding under the covers was an alien. What do you think might happen next?[slideshow]

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