Nursery’s tree rubbings

This week in forest school nursery have been exploring different textures in the forest. They were able to tell us what things in the forest had a bumpy or smooth feel. Each child had a piece of paper and a crayon and used these resources to create some beautiful tree rubbings.



Protect an egg!

KS2 had a fantastic afternoon using resources in the forest to protect an egg! The children had to decide what materials worked best to protect their egg when it was dropped from a tree. We gave them three small pieces of material and the rest they had to collect from the forest. Each group had the opportunity to trade a piece of material in for some Sellotape too if they needed it. They also performed a 30 second advert for their egg, discussing why they thought their design was the best! Unfortunately two of the groups eggs broke but the boys managed to protect their egg without even a scratch!