Forest Food


Firstly, we boiled the Kelly Kettle to get some warm water. When the kettle was boiled we took it off its base and extinguished  the fire in the base of the kettle using water.


In goes the pasta and it’s left to cook.


Miss Colemen and Miss Thomas drained the pasta.  After that the tomato and herb sauce is added and warmed on the embers of the fire.


Eating our delicious pasta!

Washing up our empty plates!



Mmmmm….. Hot Chocolate!

The perfect drink on a cold day!


Getting the  fire going in the base of the Kelly Kettle…..


Fuelling the fire….


Nearly boiled…..

The kettle has boiled…. How fancies a drink?


Mmmm…… hot chocolate!!!





Using Loppers

Miss Thomas introduced another new tool and tool talk during our Forest School session.  The challenge was to cut back any dead wood. Dead wood is wood that snaps easily.  The reason for cutting back dead wood is so we can have a store of dry wood  in the shed ready for fire lighting.


Nursery studied the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ during their Forest School session.  The group decided to make a new bed for Baby bear after Goldilocks slept in his bed.

What do you think?

Elf Houses

As part of Forest Schools, Year 1 and 2 have been building elf and fairy houses at Calthorpe Haven after an interesting story from Miss Thomas. I loved all the special features in the houses that you created.  Fabulous  imagination everyone!

Keeping dry!

It was raining for Forest School, so we worked in teams of four to make a shelter to keep ourselves dry! Whilst we were sheltering from the elements we told each other some interesting stories.

Looking after the birds!

During our free choice time we broke up some bread, which had been in the shed, and fed our visiting birds.  We discussed the importance of feeding the birds especially as the temperature is dropping and it is more difficult for birds to find food.