Splashing around!

On Friday afternoon we  all got dressed into our waterproof clothes  and wellington boots because it was raining.  During exploration time  the children discovered a gigantic puddle which they could splash in.  Some children created big splashes by jumping hard while some children ran though the puddles.   The children noticed that when you splash  the water goes in the air and comes  back down in the puddle but it creates circles in the water.


During the session we learnt new vocabulary such as; rain, puddle, splash, shower, water  and wet when describing the rain.

A visit from Mr Frost

On Tuesday Reception arrived at Calthorpe Haven and decided to explore to the wintry conditions. The children commented that the weather was cold and chilly.

The children described the ground as hard and crunchy after bouncing on it.

The children touched  the  freezing cold ice.  They discovered that the ice melted in their hands. Some children decided to use the ice to make patterns.


We leant that on cold days we could see our breath.  One child described it as a fog cloud.

Making Ice Decorations

The children and I decided that the woodland was looking bleak and frosty.  We decided to make ice decorations due to the freezing cold temperatures.

However,  the temperature has failed to drop to freezing point since leaving them out. I propose that we leave them out until it gets cold enough again.

Blindfold Adventures

Children used their planning power to make a trail.   One child had to hold the rope whilst wearing a blindfold while their partner safely guided them over a variety of obstacles. 4P believed that this required them to use their sharing, planning and persistence  power.

Felling a tree

Last week Miss Thomas had to fell a tree  because the tree was dead.   However, the  tree needed  to be moved so we learnt how to do this safely. Firstly, two of the group used loppers to cut away the branches. Then two members of the group used secateurs to make the branches smaller in size.  The reason for this is we can use this would for firewood.  The  rest of the groups used bow-saws to saw the tree  into smaller sections.  The reasons for this is to make it easier to move and that we could  still use the wood to make items with.   The groups learnt that even though the tree was dead it could be used as a resource in the coming weeks.