Forest, by Nabeel


Logs on the ground fighting for space

Twigs playing snap

Merry leaves dance to a tune of delight

The glistening water laughs at the frog’s joke

Dark fresh green leaves flying around.

By Nabeel


The Forest, by Navdeep

The Forest

I stand in the Forest,

The leaves are skipping across the woodland ground,

The emerald green grass goes to sleep,

The trees are dancing to the tune of the wind,

The twigs are playing snap,

The murky pond is calling for help!

By Navdeep


The Forest! by Tetiana

The Forest!

 I stand in the forest

Trees dancing in the music of the wind

Waving grass says goodbye to the birds

Flowers grow high and low

The pond eats everything that falls in

The leaves gently skipping across the floor

The logs frantically fight for space

The twigs play snap with each other.

By Tetiana.