Egg hunt

This week reception have been looking at Easter and the book “we are going on egg hunt” So we made a birds nest from twigs in the forest and then went on our own egg hunt around the forest but one of the naughty fairies had hidden an egg in there house. 



This week reception have used there senses to explore and find, they found a birds nest on the ground, we talked about what could have lived in the nest, then the children went off to find eggs for the nest. We also enjoyed climbing trees and the muddy kitchen. The children are excited to try and make their own nest next week.



This week nursery have been using their senses to explore the forest, we have discovered frogs spawn, made ‘food’ in the muddy kitchen, played music, sang songs, balanced, climbed trees and had lots of fun.



This week reception have been looking at the story of The Tiger Who Came To Tea, so we used the muddy kitchen to make food for the tiger, we think the tiger is going to enjoy all the food.