1P Team Building Games

This week 1P played some games to help us become better at working together to solve a problem. We played a game called ‘Mingle’ where the children needed to mingle together and then once a command was shouted out they needed to group themselves together to according to that command. Then we played an animal noise game where the group were split into two and each child was given an animal that matched someone in the opposite group. They needed to find their matching animal by only making the animal noise.  We had really good fun this week and the children listened and followed the game rules really well! Fantastic team work 1P. 

RG potion making

This week reception had a magical week creating potions. They collected leaves, twigs, grass and flowers and pretended they were something different when they threw them in the pot chanting their magic words. The children used their imagination to pretend their items were butterfly wings, jelly, frogs legs and sparkles to make their potion. Afterwards we sprayed the magic potion on them and the group decided the potion was going to turn them into Mr. Men!