Meet a Tree

The aim of this game is for one person to be blindfolded while your partner guides  you around the woodland in an unrecongniseable pattern.   The guide then takes the blindfolded person to a tree.  The blindfolded person then touches, smells and listens to the tree in a bid to be to recongise it. The guide  takes the blindfolded person back to their starting position and then the blindfolded person has to guess which tree they have been to.

Dream Catchers


This week we started to make dream catchers. Next week we will add  some natural materials such as feathers, long grass, leaves or any other items that  take our fancy.

Woodland Games

 We were challenged to make our own woodland games. We made a variety of games such as Kim’s game, an obstacle course, bowls and noughts and crosses.  What do you think of our games?