Boat Making


Miss Thomas challeneged us to make a boat from materials found in the woodland and 1 metre of string. We worked in small teams to complete the task.   When the boats were completed we tested them in the pond.

Mysterious Mosaics by Shawon


During the first session of  Wild in the Woods, Ryan and I (Shawon) discovered some mysterious Roman mosaics which were buried a long time ago. We excavated more and more and the week after we found even more and washed them with water.  This week we found even more, which was really thrilling. If you have found some mysterious stuff from forest school tell Miss Thomas.

Making a Peg

Today we  started making our tent pegs ready for shelter building .  Firstly,  we  set up our sawing area.  After  that Miss Thomas gave her tool talk. A tool talk informs us how to use the tool in a safe  and correct manner.  We used a bow saw to saw  logs.



Next, we used a billhook to split our wood into quarters. Miss Thomas and Miss Coleman  did a demonstration  of how to use the tool safely. When using a billhook you need to ask three questions and they are;

1. How are hard do you want me to hit it?

2. How many times?

3.  Are you ready partner?

Then we partnered either Miss Thomas or Miss Coleman  in  having a go at using a billhook.




Leaf Kebab


Today we had  fun looking closely at leaves, comparing and contrasting their shapes and colours.  We noticed all the different autumnal colours.

Getting Knotted

Today 4p rose to the challenge of learning to tie two different knots.  Firstly, we mastered the reef knot. It is important that we  remember Miss Thomas’ top tip, which is, ‘right over left, left over right,’  because if  not you could end up with a granny knot.

Next we attempted a clove hitch.  A clove hitch is an important knot becuase it is the starting point for many other knots.

4P, I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am very proud of your determination and your persistence this afternoon.   At home, get a piece of sting or wool and continue to practice.

Remember, knowing some basic knots is useful in many a situation, from making a shelter that wont collapse to  securing objects.