Please Mrs Toddler!

 Please Mrs Toddler,

This boy Drake Brew,

Keeps on throwing tissues Miss.

What should I do?

Go and cuddle Pudsey dear.

Go and show your spots.

Go and climb up a wall and look at a clock.

Please Mrs Toddler,

This boy Drake Brew,

Keeps on hitting me with a ruler Miss.

What should I do?

Donate 50p dear.

Go and paint yourself red.

Go and sit at the back of the class and put a bucket on your head!

Please Mrs Toddler,

This boy Drake Brew,

Keeps poking me with a pencil Miss,

What should I do?

Go give him chickenpox dear.

Paint him PINK.

Do whatever you want dear,


By Riya


Before the morning. By Sian

Before the morning,

blue birds tweet.

Sheep wake up,

then start to bleet.


Before the morning,

clocks hit four.

Then early sellers,

nock on the door.


Before the morning,

the sun will rise.

The moon starts to fade,

starts changing size.


Before the morning,

always dawn.

7 o’clock,

is when people start to yawn.


A drop of sunlight,

shines through the clouds.

Shops then open,

cashiers give out pounds.





The terror of the sea. By Sian

The terror of the sea,

lerks beneath.

Make all the fishes say,

good grief.

Does not care about the stingrays,

he just lets them come.

Just walks around beging feared,

thinks that the other fishes are dum.

Shark teeth no harm,

to him jellyfish are nothing.

Fish just get scared,

because he does not just bite but can sting.

But there is one thing,

his fear.

Then he has to call his mum in,

then ends up shouing ” OH DEAR ”.

The Incredible Island

Slowly, I stepped into my suberb magic mirror as I was brushing my lovely, long brown hair. I was on an Incredible Island! I could see the sparkly, crystal-clear and blue sea. The breezy wind was blowing slowly. Suddenly, I stopped quickly because something caught my eye…

It was a dolphin that was so beautiful. The dolphin’s name was Seaweed. I could hear Seaweed squeaking loudly. I could feel the rough palm trees that were blowing in the breezy wind. I felt so relaxed because it was so peaceful.(Except for Seaweed squeaking!)

Then I stepped out of my magic mirror. I was so happy that I was back home.

By: Serena

Vampire boy who liked grapes!!!

One day in a raisin’s life, a boy called Dugan was a vampire who didn’t like blood.  Dugan only liked grapes and any kind of grape things.

Dugan had a brother named Vector, a mother named Elo but the father was called Jo Jo!

Dugan always dreamed about grapes all day long and never paid attention to anything that anyone said or did to him. Dugan’s family never ever told Dugan about the grape forest, which was hidden some where secretive.  The froest that no one could ever go into the forest…

To Be Continued……..

The blog that ate my work. By Sian

One day I was called to a club in my school. It had been a wonderful day until I got into the computer suite. I started writing a poem of f the top of my head. When I was finished I started to look for a picture to add. One move from the computer then my poem, the whole of my poem disappeared. I tried and I tried but it was gone. So beware a hungry blog!

Bonfire Night by Jaidip

In 1605, 13 men attempted to blow up the houses of parliment. The leader of this terrible group was Robert Catesby. After Queen Elizibeth the 1st died in 1603, many Catholics hoped that the new king ( King James 1st ) would be much more kinder to Catholics, however, that was not the case. Guy Fawkes and 13 other men thought that the only answer was death. There plan was to place 36 barrels full of gunpowder in a cellar under the house of lords…

The 2-in-1 Super Coat By Riya

I have been experimenting the up-to-date, new 2 in 1 super coat. I think it’s brilliant and very useful. Observing, the coat I’ve found some great things about the coat and some things that could be better.

Suitable for both boys and girls and it has a fleece for extra warmth which can be zipped out if needed. The outer layer is waterproof and both layers are made of lightweight material to make it better to wear. The reflective strips are means you can be seen in the dark. Both layers have elastic cuffs to help stop draughts getting inside the coat. Finally it has a mobile pocket, which is useful to help keep your mobile safe.

The things I thought that needed to be better, was the safety light. I it might get broken and may add weight. Although the coat has a fixed hood, a removable on would add greater flexibility. The coat has four pockets in each layer with buttons but it may be better to use zips!

Overall I thought it was a great coat that could be improved with minor adjustments.

Tongue Twisters By Riya

Clever Cook

A clever cook could cook as much cookies as a good cook who could cook cookies.


I saw a saw that could out saw any other saw I ever saw.

Red Bulb,Blue Bulb

Red Bulb ,Blue Bulb ,Red Bulb,Blue Bulb

Repeat 3x


I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish, but if you wish the wish the witch wishes, I won’t wish the wish you wish to wish.

The Witches Watch

Which watch did which witch wear and which witch wore which watch?