Hello everybody by Serena

Hello everyone. My name is Serena and I am in Bearwood Buzz. My class is 4H. I like writing, reading, singing and dancing. I go to dance club and we learn new moves every week. I like planning stories first, writing  a character and setting description then writing a story. I like writing stories about Imaginary Characters. Like vampires or people from a programme. I like writing stories with lots of different settings like:  The sea, tropical islands and dark alleys.  I really like school aswell. I love literacy most of all because I get to write stories, poems and adjectives. My favourite food is chocolate because it is so sweet. My favourite sport is volley ball because it is fun throwing a ball. What I will be writing for you this year will be a range of stories and poems. I hope you will like my stories and poems because I put alot of effort in them. I love celebrities. My favourite celebrities are Jessie J and Bella thorne. I also love actors. My favourite actors are: Avan Jogia, Elizibeth Gillies, Leon Tomas, Victoria Justice, Zendaya Coleman and lots of others. I also like to play with my toys and my friends. I like it when my friends catch me in the playground. I even like to go swimming. On Thursday I went swimming with my class. I can’t swim and I need arm bands. I am learning though. That is everything about me. Happy learning!

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  1. Wow!! This is brilliant. You have written loads. I also like reading and I like singing. ayou must be a really fast writer. Fantastic writing.

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