Creamy Caramel By Riya

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A Granny On A Go-Cart! By Riya

Zooming! Fast as a ferrari!

An old lady, maybe a granny!

On a go-cart racing down a hill.

Birds flew away as she knocked over the bird feeder!

A policeman blew a whistle,

He said she was going to fast.

I chased after her but she was on top of a mountain.

As I climbed up it,


When I helped her up,

I knew.


When we got home,

She baked me her famous go-cart stew.

“An Orange” by Miss Seery

Last year I started a short creative writing course. It was fantastic to explore how authors use writing as a creative tool, and also to try it our for myself. This piece of writing was taken from my very first lesson. The teacher placed an orange on the table in front of me. We had to write down words to describe what it looked like, smelt like, tasted like etc. We then had to use these words to do some creative writing all about an orange, but in the piece of writing we weren’t allowed to actually use the word “orange” in our writing. What a challenge!! This is what I wrote …..

I look at the small, round planet; sitting obscurely on the new table. It looks as lost to me as I feel. It’s small freckles cover it’s surface, dimples of it’s previous life. It’s small, green, circular stem sits grandly on top of it’s shell. The light of the room reflects on this small sphere, like the sun reflects on the earth’s surface. I place it between my hands and gently roll it between my fragile hands. The sound echoes for a very short period of time. A mili-second and it disappears; yet I still feel it between the plams of my hand, soft and cool. The skin of it is open; the planet is torn.

P.M.A. and what get in the way of P.M.A. by Mohsin

PMA stands for positive mental attitude.

NMA stands for negative mental attitude.

PMA  means that you keep on trying  and then you do it!

NMA means that you say”I cant do it”and then you don’t do it.

Doctors have found out that sick people get better more quickly by saying I want to get better more quickly but if they say nothing  they don’t get better as quickly.

Agent 101’s top mission (part 3) by Ismaeel

Now everything was coming together for agent 101. As agent 101 was searching around the streets in his jet he noticed a very unusual looking, gloomy alley which strangely he hadn’t notice before.

The closer agent 101 got to the alley the more frightening it looked. But he had to do it, so he ran down the alley to find that there, right at the end was someone. A someone who looked rather rough and tough. A someone who was wearing a balaclava and looked just like an assassin.

As he approached him agent 101 just stared at him and then he legged it in the other direction. Whilst he was running agent 101 swiped out his zapper… Well it wasn’t really a zapper it was a slowergun.

Names! By Riya

I’m different in so many ways,

But because of that bullies teased me and called me names.

Goody-goody-two-shoes they would say,

Just because I did my homework everyday.

Spotty! They would say,

Because I had a beauty spot on my face.

Foreigner! They would say,

Just because I came from a different place.

All these names,

Made me want to run away.

I cried all night,

And cried all day.

This really happened to me in my life,

I’m not lying or joking.

Although they called me names and teased me a lot,

I was happy I was different.

No one can be like me.

No one can be like you even if you’re a ROBOT!

So it’s  sometimes ok not to be ok!

If you’re not ok tell an adult or stand up for yourself because you are ok!


The Nasty Kangaroo BY MOHSIN

One day there lived a very naughty kangaroo who snatched all of the healthy food.

All of the other animals were very poor and hungry.

So the animals had a plan.

They decided to do a trick on the very nasty kangaroo. The animals built a space rocket!

They set off to Jupiter, it was very cold there.

Meanwhile, nasty kangaroo was feeling very lonely on his own.

He thought and thought and his idea was to go into space so nasty kangaroo decided to make a rocket.

When he made the space rocket and  finally reached Jupiter…

He realized the other animals had made a fool of him they were not in space anymore they were all hiding on Earth!!!!!!

The house of horror by Ismaeel

The house of horror

Tom, who has blue eyes and brown hair, and Jack, who has green eyes and yellow hair, and also Spike, who has red eyes and black hair went to their Great, Great Grandmother’s house to play.

What would you want to happen?

  1. They get trapped in the house and the house tries to swallow them.
  2. They drive the car, which is in the garage, all around the world.
  3. They try to defeat the evil house.

Vote now!!!