Hi, Bearwood Primary.

Hello everbody. My name is Sian and I am here to give you some excellent pieces of writing about the world.  I will write some short,sharp stories, fantastic factual animal files and some other interesting posts you, hopefully, will enjoy.  Most pieces I post are happy and fascinating, but some can be scary and dark.  I’m glad to be back and I cannot wait to deliver you some buzzing pieces.

I like drawing, singing and dancing. My favourite lessons are art, maths, cooking and handwriting. I like being creative and I also like getting messy. My friend are Zuzanna, Aneesha, Aaminah,Zeba and Shaynie.  As you can see I have a lot of friends and they give me ideas for my writing.  My family inspire me the most, especially my Mum.

Can you please come on this blog a much as possible and post some comments if you enjoy reading  my writing .

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