Jai’s introduction.

Hi everybody my name is Jai, and I’m  in the Bearwood Buzz team. The Bearwood Buzz team is all about writing spectacular, captivating stories for the whole world to see! The Buzz team is full of talented writers, who will bring joy to you.

I am a very confident writer, I can and will bring amazing, intriguing stories to you all! I enjoy writing stories more than anything at school.

 I hope you all enjoy my mind- blowing, mesmerising stories that I will write every week.






Hello everybody by Serena

Hello everyone. My name is Serena and I am in Bearwood Buzz. My class is 4H. I like writing, reading, singing and dancing. I go to dance club and we learn new moves every week. I like planning stories first, writing  a character and setting description then writing a story. I like writing stories about Imaginary Characters. Like vampires or people from a programme. I like writing stories with lots of different settings like:  The sea, tropical islands and dark alleys.  I really like school aswell. I love literacy most of all because I get to write stories, poems and adjectives. My favourite food is chocolate because it is so sweet. My favourite sport is volley ball because it is fun throwing a ball. What I will be writing for you this year will be a range of stories and poems. I hope you will like my stories and poems because I put alot of effort in them. I love celebrities. My favourite celebrities are Jessie J and Bella thorne. I also love actors. My favourite actors are: Avan Jogia, Elizibeth Gillies, Leon Tomas, Victoria Justice, Zendaya Coleman and lots of others. I also like to play with my toys and my friends. I like it when my friends catch me in the playground. I even like to go swimming. On Thursday I went swimming with my class. I can’t swim and I need arm bands. I am learning though. That is everything about me. Happy learning!

Hi, Bearwood Primary.

Hello everbody. My name is Sian and I am here to give you some excellent pieces of writing about the world.  I will write some short,sharp stories, fantastic factual animal files and some other interesting posts you, hopefully, will enjoy.  Most pieces I post are happy and fascinating, but some can be scary and dark.  I’m glad to be back and I cannot wait to deliver you some buzzing pieces.

I like drawing, singing and dancing. My favourite lessons are art, maths, cooking and handwriting. I like being creative and I also like getting messy. My friend are Zuzanna, Aneesha, Aaminah,Zeba and Shaynie.  As you can see I have a lot of friends and they give me ideas for my writing.  My family inspire me the most, especially my Mum.

Can you please come on this blog a much as possible and post some comments if you enjoy reading  my writing .

My fact file

Hello, I’m Oliver and I have a pet fish called Harry. My best friends are Medinah and Josh. My favourite toy is lego! I am 120 cm long. My favorite country is England. My favourite sport is football and talking about football I also support Aston villa!  My favorite lego is lego space craft.

I hope you like my fact file!

All About Me by Mohsin

I like playing on my computer and playing tennis with my sisters. Also I love playing with my grandma’s cat. My grandma’s cat is a kitten now but my it’s going to grow up really big, then it might be a wild cat which likes chicken and fish. I have a loft which has just been built but we haven’t got any carpet in the loft or toys.

Hello World. Jada

Hello my name is Jada and I am a part of Bearwood Buzz. I love writing because I like using a wide range of vocabulary and adjectives to make my writing more interesting and funny. Adverbs and personification are my favourite things to add into a piece of writing. One of my favourite things to do is doing Art and making and creating different things.

My friends are Simran , Haven, Amara , Amoy ,Ismaa , Mya , Fabio and Norr.

Hi Everyone by Anouska

I am Anouska and I like writing pieces of writing because I always make it interesting.Now it’s time for something about me. I like swimming also I am currently at stage six  and I can dive off the edge of the pool but it makes my cap come off my head . My favourite subject is English.

Hello World! By Simran

Hello my name is Simran and I am a part of  Bearwood Buzz. I love doing Art and writing. I like writing beacuse I love picturing what I’m going to write about and I like imagining and writing stories. Another thing I love is making my writing funny. I love Art because I like making up my own drawing on a piece of papper and splashing it with colours!

My friends are Jada, Amara, Haven, Amoy, Mya, Ismaa, Fabio and Norr.

Hi Bearwood Primary School

Hello everyone at Bearwood school, my name is Abhiraj and I am in Bearwood Buzz. I am in class 4P. My favourite things are playing games and with my remote control car that I got on my birthday. I am 9 years old.  I like writing  stories, instructions and adventure stories. My favourite sport is football because I play with my dad in the park.  Also I have a place in the football club. My favourite food is pizza . My favourite dinosaur is the Tyrannosaurus-Rex. I do my homework at home because I want to reach higher levels in my learning so I get a good degree  in college. My favorite Olympic sport is athletics because  my favourite Olympic athlete is Usain Bolt who  holds the Olympic running world record.



Hi Bearwood Primary School

Hello everyone at Bearwood school my name is Ibraheem and I am in Bearwood Buzz and my class is 4H. My favourite things are watching football and playing loads of games on the PS3. I absolutely love reading books and I also like reading some magazines. I have read loads of books at home. My favourite sport is football because I always play with my brother in the garden at home and I also play in the park. My favourite football team is Manchester United because they have lots of good players like Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie. My favourite Olympic sport is the sprinter races. I love Usain Bolt, he is the fastest man in the world and he got an Olympic World record. London 2012 will be the most memorable school holidays of my life. I actually went to london 2012 to watch the Olympic Hockey. It was amazing.