My fact file

Hello, I’m Oliver and I have a pet fish called Harry. My best friends are Medinah and Josh. My favourite toy is lego! I am 120 cm long. My favorite country is England. My favourite sport is football and talking about football I also support Aston villa!  My favorite lego is lego space craft.

I hope you like my fact file!

3 thoughts on “My fact file

  1. Oliver I love your piece of writting. I never new you had a fish I am amazed. I also like football but I don’t suportrt Aston Villa, I support Man u. I know you might be cross with me AS I AM INDIA. I am not a big fan of lego space craft.

  2. You really like star wars. You put an amazing lego picture. I used to like star wars when I was little but now I don’t like it. You done a good piece of writing.

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