6 thoughts on “Sunset over Edgmond…our last night…

  1. Hi Gursimran, it’s your last night at Edgmond hall, are getting ready to come back tomorrow , we can’t wait to see back.
    Goodnight Sweet dreams xxx

  2. i hope you enjoying the last night and you Mr murphy and you all.I can’t wait to see you all good night with happy face;]]]]]]]]] see you all tomorrow:]]]]]]]

  3. What a beautiful sunset.
    A huge thank you to all teachers for doing a fantastic job, 24 hours four days a week.
    Thank you so much for up loading photos of the children enjoying their experience.
    The photos are great memories that will be cherished forever.
    See you all tomorrow, safe journey sing your hearts out on the coach.
    Take care and Good night xxx

  4. Enjoy your final evening at Edgmond Hall, it looks like you have all had a fantastic time. Looking forward to seeing you on your return Seamus.

    Thanks and well done to Mr Murphy and the other members of staff who have given up their week to allow the kids to gain so many good memories and for looking after them. I am sure the Easter break can’t come quick enough for you and you definitely deserve it!!

    Thanks also to the staff at Edgmond for all your hard work.

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