Children’s Blog Page

I’ve added a new page to our blog – a Children’s Blog Page. We’ve asked the children to write a few things about their stay at Edgmond Hall.

Remember though Guys, the blog can be read by anybody in the world!

Click the Page link in the top right hand corner of the page.

April Fool

Being the ‘horrible’ teachers that we are, we had convinced the children that they were going to do Writer’s Workshop this morning! Luckily for them, it was just an April Fool, although Miss Thomas did make them play some VCOP games as part of the ‘fool!

The Last Morning

It’s a bright, sunny day here at Edgmond, which is typical as it’s the day we’re coming home.

The children have been awake since 7am, stripping their beds, packing their suitcases and leaving lots of things all over the floor!

We have got some rogue socks that have lost the foot they belong to!

The children will have another activity this morning, and then after lunch will start the journey home.