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  1. Have a lovely week or time at edgmond hall Gautam. I haven`t seen any picture`s yet so have fun.

    Your brother Aryan!

  2. Hi becky hoping you had a great day and a great week planned enjoy yourself love and missing you dad and mom

  3. Hi Mr Murphy and team…I hope you all arrived safely and are all having fun?. Can you please get the blog on as soon as possible. I like many other parents cannot wait to see the pics…..

  4. By the way please give our best wishes to Ismail as we are alll missing him deeply…. thanks

  5. Hi Hammaad Have a lovely week at edgmond hall.We all missing you very much enjoy yourself and can you please get the blog on as soon as possible.

  6. Hi yes i totally agree we can’t wait to see the pics and the fun things you are all doing Please show us the fun things the enjoyment in our childrens faces thankyou mr murphy

  7. Best wishes for a great week to you all and we love you and really missing you becky hope you are really enjoying yourself love dad and mom

  8. Hi hammaad its your mummy.I missing you so much.cant wait to see you,hope your having a brilliant time.make sure your wrapped up warm and eating well.love from Aminah and suleman.A BIG KISS from me.love your photosx

    • hi mum thanks for committing on Edgmond hall blog do you miss me? I am having a brilliant time we have been so busy! The best bit so far was when I climbed up a real mountain all the way to the top! Look at the pictures. See you soon. Hammaad.

  9. Hi becky missing you loads looking forwrd to hearing all about your adventures and enjoyment
    have a great couple of days that you have left at edgmond hall and hope to see more pictures of you really soon hope you all are enjoying your time there love mom and dad and sandy

  10. hello uzmah hope your enjoying yourself everyone is missing you. your the best lols. can u please reply to this.

  11. hi ryan,all the pictures are brilliant,hope you are all having a great time,see you tomorrow. love mom and dad xx

  12. Hi becky soon be home now looking forward to seeing you we are really happy to see you all had such a great week love as always and missing you so much love dad and mom

  13. Hi Gautam

    I am missing you a lot. I saw your pictures today you look like you are having a brilliant time. Enjoy your time at edgmondhall see you tomorrow.

    Love From Aryan, Mom and Dad!!xx.

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