The Edgmond Outtakes!


We took hundreds of photographs and some of them didn’t make the Blog.  I have been asked by many to put up their photographs.  I hope these make you smile and laugh like we did all week!

Thank you Edgmond


We have had a fantastic time and we would like to thank everyone for making this such a special visit!

What has been the best thing about coming to Edgmond?

Packed and ready!


We are all packed and ready to come home.  We will be very sad to leave but very excited to come back and see you all.

We should be back at school at 2pm and hope you are there to meet us!


Lilleshall Hall and hill.

Today we went to lileshall hall and it was brilliant.  We separated into groups and went on the minibus.  When we arrived we explored the grounds and watched the GB archery team.  They were really good especially the lady.

Then we explored the Cedar trees and we led on the ground to look up through the branches.  We collected pinecones and Mrs Daniels and Debbie set us a challenge.  The challenge was to make a human body.  It was really fun and great for us to join together.  We did boys vrs girls but we all won.

Then we went to the hall to draw and paint the grounds using watercolours.  We spent ages on these.


Afterwards we walked to the monument Lilleshall Hill.  It was not as high as the Wrekin but we still had magnificent views.  We explored the views by drawing what we could see then we used maps to name what we could see.  We have just arrived back and now we are ready for dinner.

Today was amazing and tiring.

By Nathan and Cameron and maybe a few hints from others!

‘Another sunshine packed day at Edgmond Hall’ stated by Mrs Stokes