Our amazing day. by Zara and Sana

Today we have had a fantastic time and we went to Lilleshall hall. In Lilleshall hall we looked at the mesmeric, radiant scene and sketched what we could see. We had some very talented artists even Geoff and Kim had a go. We saw some trees which were from Africa. We even saw the archery centre. We all had a fantastic time, there were some stunning flowers. When everybody finished sketching some children went on the mini bus to Edgmond hall and some people went walking. The children who were walking had gone to the church with Gareth and he told some information about the church. Gareth told all the children that the bricks had some scratches. The fingerprints where on the bricks because in the olden times there used be a fight and when the people where fighting they put marks on the bricks. The French people used to cut the finger and the middle finger because when the people used to shoot the arrow and the bow they could‘t because the French people cut there finger and the middle finger but the other people where teasing the French by putting there fingers up and saying “ try to cut my finger. Go on I dare you’’.

The Amazing fire!! By Harjun

Today after free time we went into the woods and had a camp fire. We had to collect twigs for the fire. When Geoff got it started we had to sing some really weird songs kookaburra and we will rock you plus some new ones. Geoff sprayed water on us for the song I’m singing in the rain. It was the most awesome thing some of us had ever experienced.

Pond dipping by Aaliya and Hammaad

Pond dipping: This afternoon after lunch we went on a long walk to reach the pond so that we could do some pond dipping. We all had a net per group and a little container. Then we looked for all different kinds of living creatures that lived in the pond. Everyone enjoyed the pond dipping we all would like to do it again, after we had found different creatures like tadpoles and we found lots of different sizes and colours of shells. But we didn’t no what they were called so Geoff gave us a sheet with all the creatures on it and we had to choose a couple of creatures to find out the names of them. Every one found it really fun and we would love to come again.

Lighting fires By Zara and Mya.

Today we went down to the woods and collected twigs, dried up leaves and branches. When we had enough we drew a circle in the ground and placed what we had found inside. Once that was done the activity leader (Debby) gave us some matches and we began our fire. We had to keep throwing in more dry bits of nature to keep our fire going. We all really enjoyed this and had a great time.

The Wrekin By Bismah, Uzmah and Sana

At Edgmond Hall we have had loads of fun and lots of excitement today. We split up in three groups. One of the activities were climbing up muddy, mucky mountains and back down them (some people were very tired but eventually they reached the summit!) This mountain was called The Wrekin. It was very fun and we know that everybody enjoyed doing it even though it was hard work.