We will be returning to school at about 2pm tomorrow afternoon.

The children who have been on the residential will be able to be collected (and their very dirty washing) as soon as we arrive back at school.

Change of Plan – Pond Dipping

Instead of Big Picture Little Picture, we took the children Pond Dipping. They found lots of interesting creepy crawlies, which they tried to identify. It was about a 20 minute walk to the ‘pond’ and for most of the journey it was dry. I did however manage to find a big puddle…

The children have all had a go on the zip wire if they wanted to.

It’s been really busy today, so I haven’t had much chance to upload photos. I’ll add some more during the holidays.

The children have appreciated listening to all of your comments, but some of them are worried about the sorts of chores you’ve got in mind for them!!!

Wednesday Update

All children have now walked up the Wrekin, built shelters and fires and have looked at the village of Edgmond.

I’m sorry I haven’t got more photos on – they take ages to upload! I’ll get some more on during the Easter Holidays so keep popping back! I will try to get some up this evening!