7 thoughts on “Group 1 Treasure Hunters

  1. What did you find???? Jamie says hi and he misses you! And ruby keeps asking when will you be home!! See you tomorrow! Miss you loads x

  2. Thank you Mr Burden and Mr Murphy for putting up more photos….hope all the children are being good for you. Not to worry only 1 more night to go! Kids make the most of it….Good night Gary cant wait to see you tomorrow son… Love mom and dad xx Sunny keeps on asking about you xoxoxox

  3. Hi melika what is that thing you have in your hand
    i cant wait to see you if j dont see you i wilk call you
    sunday i am looking foward to seeing you tomorrow.

  4. I loved working with Melika, I think we collaborated well and worked together really well
    to reach our goal. I don’t know why me and her are separated!!!!

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