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  1. Enjoy today activities Sam, We got soaked going to school this morning so don’t let the weather put you off !!! love mum

  2. Morning Ria I and year 5. Hope you all enjoy your last full day there and last sleepover. Can’t wait to have my Ria home. Wishing you loads of fun today X

  3. Good morning shakira, i hope your alright and are having lot of fun, can’t wait to see you tomorrow to hear all your story’s, we miss you loads, love you mommy xx

  4. Hi Owen. Looks like your enjoying your breakfast. Hope your enjoying yourself. Can’t wait for you to come back home tomorrow. We are all missing you so much. Love you xxxx

    • This morning I fed the goats and climbed up a giant hill,which was very steep. We have just had our lunch and now going outside. From Dylan xxxx

  5. Morning all
    Looks like you all are ready to start the day .have lots of fun . Alia miss you lots can’t wait for you to come and tell me all the exciting things you have done .love you Ameen ameera and mum x

  6. Morning Christina

    Hope you enjoyed your breakfast. Was it same as your Greek breakfast on holiday?

    Love Mommy

  7. Почему ты так расстроена,Сонюшка? Что то случилось? Или тебе не вкусно? Что-то не так,лапушка моя?

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