The Race around Town by Duwud, Raham and Hamza

We made Lego cars from Lego because we like racing cars.  Our group borrowed a mat from Nursery and learnt how  to sequence the traffic lights to start our race. Then we raced are cars around.

What do you think of our movie?

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The Crocodile Disaster! by Zishan, Waqar, Awais and Bilal

This half term we have completed a course in Lego Movie Making.  It is a about making a movie out of Lego. Our movie was about a crocodile eating a man with in the forest. Then we moved the Lego man slightly and got the crocodile to follow. We took a picture after each small movement.  When we finish our movie we have to add in special effects like music and titles.

What do you think of our film?

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International Cooking

This week we made pizza!  We learnt lots of new skills.  How do you think we made our pizza?

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Experimental Science by Faysal



In experimental science we have been learning about friction, force and gravity.  We measured what force is used to pull a car on a ramp.  We had four different heights and we put the car on each height and rolled them down. We recorded how far the car went on each height.  We investigated the question : If the ramp is higher will the car go further?  Our answer  yes.

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Lego Movie Making Week 1


Last week we planned our animations and  started to build them using Lego.

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Thank you

Dear Bearwood Primary School

We would like to thank you for bringing in your bottles and contributing towards our snowman. We don’t need any more bottles because we have now completed our snowman. It has been collected and will be displayed in Lightwoods Park. You will not only see our snowman, Frosty Useitup, but also those created by other schools.

Thank you patchwork for creating a scarf for our snowman.

 From the Eco-Warriors

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Go and see our snowman

Where can you go to see our Eco-Warriors Snowman?

 Lightwoods Park will be transformed into a winter wonderland.  All the snowmen created by Sandwell schools are going to be displayed in Lightwoods Park.  This will be from the 17th to the 24th December. There will also be an outdoor ice rink to skate on. The ice rink will be 11am to 9pm. There will be a traditional festive market and game stalls. They will be selling mince pies and cakes, mulled wine, decorative wreathes, mistletoe and flowers, gifts and refreshments.

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Experimental Science

This week we were data loggers.  We set Mrs Daniels the challenge of using ICT in our university.  Today we investigated light, sound and temperature to make our own Newsround Report.

Have a look at the photographs of us data collecting.

What do you think of our Newsround reports?

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