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Experimental Science

This week we were data loggers.  We set Mrs Daniels the challenge of using ICT in our university.  Today we investigated light, sound and temperature to make our own Newsround Report. Have a look at the photographs of us data collecting. What do you think of our Newsround reports?

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International Cooking

Today we made flapjacks and spring roll.  This involved many essential baking and cooking skills.  We are now experts at cutting, chopping, rolling, mixing, pouring and shaping many different foods. Have a look to see what skills we have been learning.

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Art with Mrs Berryman

In university today we were shading and drawing what we could see in a little shape like a square.  This is a viewfinder.  We could do it portrait or landscape.  We were learning how to draw to make texture.  It was fun. Have a look at the photographs.  Could you draw these? By Aaminah, Waqar, Shammah […]

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Experimental Science Week 2

This week we investigated light. Mrs Daniels set us this investigation question; ‘In the film The Mummy, Evie and Rick lit up a cave using mirrors.  Could you light up your entire house using a light source and mirrors?’  It was a challenge.  Have a look to see our investigations. Well done to Dante and […]

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Experimental Science

This week Mrs Daniels set us a challenge to use the wooden sticks and rubber bands to make a bridge.  It sounds easy but it wasn’t.  We had rules.  It had to span a 70cm gap, hold a 1kg weight and we had to use our creativity and curiosity powers.  We were all successful…eventually!  As […]

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