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Experimental Science

Aeroplanes Today we have been learning about forces.  We made a paper aeroplane because we wanted to investigate how to use a push force on an aeroplane.  We learnt that the aeroplane gets pulled down by gravity so Mustafaa showed us how to push it slowly.  Simran, Mustafaa and Amrit managed to hit the red […]

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The Apprentice. What do you look for on a T-shirt? by Fozia

In The Apprentice we have been learning to make a product that everyone would like to buy. We decided to create t-shirts. Please would you kindly fill in the questionaires and also tell others to fill in the questionaires so that we can decide what you would like on a t-shirt. Thank you. Fab 4: […]

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Alien Invasion, by David, Justin, Dylan and Meshach

This story is about: Firstly, the family were going for a night out to the cinema but then there was an alien space ship……… What happened in the process? It started as, Dylan, made a Lego road design, because he was interested in roads. Then, a boy called David decided to take a light up […]

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The Robot’s disaster! By Shannon, Udeshpal, Hammaad and Rayan

What our film is about? Our film is about a robot destroying the best theme park in the whole world and it is called Britannia 1st Fairground Destruction. The Lego men are playing happily! Suddenly, an evil robot comes stomping and  kicks one of the tanks and destroys it. After a while everything is destroyed […]

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The Race around Town by Duwud, Raham and Hamza

We made Lego cars from Lego because we like racing cars.  Our group borrowed a mat from Nursery and learnt how  to sequence the traffic lights to start our race. Then we raced are cars around. What do you think of our movie?

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The Crocodile Disaster! by Zishan, Waqar, Awais and Bilal

This half term we have completed a course in Lego Movie Making.  It is a about making a movie out of Lego. Our movie was about a crocodile eating a man with in the forest. Then we moved the Lego man slightly and got the crocodile to follow. We took a picture after each small […]

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International Cooking

This week we made pizza!  We learnt lots of new skills.  How do you think we made our pizza?

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Experimental Science by Faysal

    In experimental science we have been learning about friction, force and gravity.  We measured what force is used to pull a car on a ramp.  We had four different heights and we put the car on each height and rolled them down. We recorded how far the car went on each height.  We […]

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