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Funky Fashion

Just take a look at our brilliant T shirts. Don’t they look smashing?

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Escape and Capture by Uzmah, Becky, Jujhaar and Ariana

[youtube=] This film is about a person escaping from prision and the police man capturing him. He is returned to jail.  Hope you enjoy watching our film!

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Lego Tennis 2011

This video  is about two  people playing  each other in a tennis match in the Wimbledon final!. Watch this video to see who wins! [youtube=]

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Lego London 2012 by Mikiah and Kieran

[youtube=]  We were inspired by the Olympics in 2008 and we love sport so that  also inspired us. We are proud of are movie because it went better than we thought. It was a bit hard when we needed them to go in the air. Finally , we finished are masterpiece and shared it with you we […]

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