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[youtube=] Over the last few weeks (4 weeks) we made a 30 second video animation. We enjoyed it alot. There were five of us hence Lego board F5… We would easily recommend this course to others. Productions by….. Jarell, Bilal, Ibraheem, Sergio, Sukhdeep.  🙂

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Lego Town-By Duwud, Rahim, Chetan and Nabeel

[youtube=] Our animation is about person and his friends  going to town using the bus. We worked as a team to make our animation. We helped each other to achieve our animation. 🙂

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Lego Park- By Tetiana, Aimah and Halimah

[youtube=] We worked in a group to make a Lego Park. We took pictures and then imported them to movie maker. After that we published our movie to YouTube. I would recommend this course to others. Please note that our animation is not as long as we planned due to a technical  problem with our […]

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