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The Door

Door 66 was at the edge of the eerie hallway.

The door stood silently, with a glass panel which was barred. The large silver handle was rusting and the oak door had been decaying for decades.

The landlord placed the melting candle on a wooden stool, reached into his left pocket and pushed it into the keyhole. Then he looked beside him; ‘What are you waiting for?’ the lady whispered nervously. ‘We’ve got to hurry up!’ The landlord smiled; he could hear the fear as her voice trembled. With his wrinkly hand, he tugged the key, then pulled the handle.

The door creaked loudly. It opened, very slightly.

Wind burst through the black slit. He picked up the candle, then shoved it into the lady’s hands with a thumbs up. She frowned. She didn’t like the idea of going in; until one of the doctors came, with no tongue, pointing eagerly at the door.

The lady stood back; heavy rain banged on the framed windows. She gazed at the door for a moment, as she knew she wasn’t coming back. The landlord held the handle and pulled the door. He felt his hands go numb. He snatched the candle from the lady with a chuckle. She felt threatened.

Slowly, she walked in. The door slammed.

Bushra Idris

The Door

The door was the 13th in the school.

The door was blocked by a metal gate carved with Ancient symbols. The gateway was rusty and heavy, The wooden door was studded with black nails and it had panels that oozed like red liquid.

He remembered when the head teacher told him to never go through the door then the cleaner said the door has been there for 13years. There was a very old lantern by the door and it had the number 666 on it.

His bright green eyes burned with a cruel light. He asked the cleaner if she had the keys for the door and was frightened to open the door. His heart was beating fast. The cleaner asked him. “What are you waiting for?” He heard a scream behind the door and stepped back. The light was flickering. He got

As he slowly went in the door slammed.

Alex Metrivski

The Door 🚪 

It was dark, gloomy afternoon, The sun was setting. It was a winter day. It hadn’t stopped raining for months. A dark door, just like the night sky, was at the end of the street. It was a heavy oak door –  number 666 – trees surrounded it.

She had just came back from school after a long day. The rain had drenched her from head to toe. She took the short way home. Suddenly, she came across a dark black door camouflaged with the evening sky. She tried to open it but it would move. She saw an old lady sitting outside a blue house. 

The old lady, with thick light brown hair that shone in the sky, eye’s like the deep blue ocean looked, at the girl. ”Need the key?” said the old lady, smiling. The girl slowly reached her long arms out. Then she got the key not knowing that she would never see daylight again.

She anxiously walked over to the old woman. grabbed the key held it tightly. The old woman gave her a smile –  a creepy disturbing smile. It gave her chills of the spine. Then she started walking up to the door and opened it. She stepped inside. It made a loud smash sound that sounded like a lions roar. Then everything went silent.

Then everything went silent..

You could still hear the old woman’s giggles from outside the door. The little girl stood in fear.  She tried to escape but the door would not budge. Hesitantly she kept walking until she reached a pathway leading in different directions…..

Godiva Osei

The Door

The entrance was blocked by an oak wood door carved with ancient symbols, which were smothered with red liquid.

In the cold corridor, the floor was covered with dark, brown dust, which had lingering footprints of unknown guests and a feeling of fear filled the air.

The landlord took his key from his torn pocket. “Go on. Open the door,” the spy snarled with a smirk on his face. Nervously,the landlord pushed the key in the keyhole and turned it with his shivering hands. The landlord grinned; he knew fear when he saw the spy’s emerald eyes staring into the darkness.

The door went towards the landlord’s face. It opened. Slightly.

Damp smell oozed through the black slit. The landlord took a big step back. He gestured with his hands; it was now the time to enter. He had no tongue to speak with; she’d made sure that he kept her secrets.

The spy panicked; a draught moved his hair. He glared into the moonlight. ;And from what I’ve heard’, the landlord thought, ‘this is your last time you are going to see the moonlight’. The spy took a minute torch from his pocket. He pushed the door. The landlord watched intently as the spy’s red beard blazed like fire. Slowly, the spy went in.

The door closed.

Voices echoed.


Lex Sreekumar

The Door

The door was the last one in the ward.

As the bulb shone over it, it showed it was locked; an anchor was resting against the door, and the chequered floor was covered with flaked paint. There were carvings on the door; they looked like devil horns.

The patient put the light on a shelf, took a strangely shaped key from his pocket, then shoved it in the key hole. “Well then hurry up.” the visitor barked. “Let me see what she hides in there.”

The Patient grinned; he knew terror when he heard it. With all his might he turned the key anxiously then a shower of rust fell onto the cockroach infested floor.

It opened just a third. A damp small filled the air. He stepped back in terror, reluctantly gave the visitor the lamp, and pointed at the wall. He had no eyes to see with. They made sure of that. This was the point of no return.

He entered.

He tripped.



Elias Williams

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