On the farm.

This week we have been singing the nursery rhyme Old MacDonald. We have been reading the book Cows in the Kitchen and have been learning all about the farm and the animals you find there.

When our parents came in to nursery we made a fluffy sheep together and sang Old MacDonald.

We have also had fun playing with the farm yard toys in nursery. It was great fun moving the animals around and playing with the hay. It looked just like a real farm. >


Our pet snails.

For our topic Amazing Animals this half term we have had some pet African land snails come to stay in nursery. We are finding out what they like to eat and are looking closely at them.


World book day bedtime stories.

It was lovely to see so many parents in nursery today for world book day. Each family group shared a book with the children and their parents. We then had lots of activities to do based on the books. We all had a fantastic day and were very comfortable in our pyjamas.



Pancake day

We learnt about pancake day today.
The children joined in with pancake races and also had a go at flipping pancakes in little plastic frying pans.

We then had some pancakes on the snack table to try. They were delicious.


Day Monkey Night Monkey

Our first book this half term was Day Monkey, night Monkey. We have enjoyed finding out about animals that come out in the day and nocturnal animals that come out at night.
The children have made monkeys and practised their cutting skills.


The vets.

Our new topic is Amazing Animals. We will be learning all about animals this half term. Our new role play area is the vets. The children have been pretending to be the vet and help sick animals. We are learning new words like syringe, bandage and stethoscope.