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The Door

The door was down the gloomy stairs in the eerie hall it was the last one. The light flickered on the ancient door which was blocked with wood that had scratches and unknown pictures on it.     

The young orphan boy stood and took his lighter from his pocket. He brought out a mysterious key and opened the dusty ancient The wizard growled with madness. “Harry up kid”. “I am tired of waiting for you” “ I didn’t come to wait in the rain” He tapped the door with his shaking hand. The young child stared at the wizard. He had weird symbols on his hat and his eyes were glowing red. He knew danger when he saw it The wizard wasn’t so big and terrifying after all.

It opened just little Darkness and and an unpleasant smell oozed from the sewers. Chills trembled down his spine. The door didn’t seem to want to open. Was that flowing you could hear? The door opened. Cold air came out. Then the door close…

By Calvin Anash (6D) 


The Door

The door that was wooden, stood at the end of the stony path. The door was covered with shade and darkness. It’s rusted hinges look like they were about to fall off . The decaying door looked as if no one had used it in a long time.

The woodcutter halted, he took a deep breath as his rough hands extracted for key out of his jeans pocket. He put the key into the rusting lock. The child groaned furiously . “ Hurry up ! “ he yelled . “ I don’t have time! “

The wood cutter looked at for child his hair which was dyed fierce red. he knew anxiety when he saw it . This child wasn’t so brave on the inside.

He turned the lever ; the door opened, an inch. A dark shadow, Peeked out of the door. A stench of wet moss stained the air. The woodcutter stepped back and jerked his head. He pondered what was hidden inside…

Ross child stopped a breeze caught his red hair and he looked down the path like he missed home. He might not see home again. The woodcutter pulled the door all the way open. The child stroked his four leaf clover.

The child went through the door. The door close.…

 By Kelvin Adam (6D)


The Door

The door in the cell was in the middle of a curved path. Mysterious ancient symbols were shaped into an oval on the bloody cell door and spiders moved around the handle.

The guard stopped and turned on his torch and pointed it at the prisoner. The guard glanced at the prisoner and the unusual tattoos that made his neck. He Knew fear when he saw it. This prisoner wasn’t so big inside. 

The door opened, just a little bit. Eerie voices echoed in the darkness. He stepped back, gave the guard  the torch, he moved his head. He wondered what she kept on the other side  … the prisoner took a deep breath; his heart was jumping, and he looked around to see what was on on the other side, the other side. He saw a shadow walking behind him as he went inside. The door shut  …

The man went in.

By Emelia Burke (6D)

The Door

The door was the last one in the hallway. As the lights flickered on top of the door, it showed it was locked. The door had a shiny cover and the handle was covered in dust; it hadn’t been used for many years. The girl’s hand was trembling with fear as she reached out of her pockets for the key and accidentally dropped it on the floor.

“Get on with it!” exclaimed the brother “I want to see what he keeps in there.” The girl glanced at him and the unusual scars that marked his arms. She smelt panic when she saw it.

The key turned and the door opened just a little bit. You could hear that there was someone inside. The sister hesitated, a draught moved her hair and she backed up from the door as if she longed for light.

The sister held up the torch and pushed the door ajar. as the brother watched her carefully she went inside and clutched the necklace (that her mother had given her). She hoped for the best but feared for the worst. The door slammed shut behind her back. 


By Mama Cisse (6D)

The Door

The door was hidden in darkness at the very end of the hospital hall. It was the only door with no door knob. Lanterns flickered while the cobwebs danced on the hinges of the door.

The dwarf put the torch on the floor and reached for the bunch of keys on his belt. In the magical room , he stared at the doctor; if he should trust her but  when he realised who she was, his heart turned cold. The dwarf sighed desperately, “Get to it old hag, he moaned I haven’t travelled all this way to wait.”

The doctor with a key opened the door just a fraction. He knew he would be punished. He heard screaming, he smelt rotting creatures and his hairs on the back of his neck stood up.

He crossed his fingers and pushed the door open he stepped in. The door suddenly closed 

Harrison Birch (6D)


The Door

The door in the courtyard was at the centre of a narrow path. Odd ancient symbols had been carved on the walls and old spikes stuck  out at the top of the door. The handle was cracking; no-one had opened it for many years. Sharp spikes lit up on the door, which seemed to scowl in the moonlight.

The Landlord stepped and lit his lantern onto the scientist. With his body, he put his hand into his big pocket, brought out a key and inserted it into the keyhole. The scientist growled loudly.” Come on hurry up old man,” he snarled, I haven’t come here to wait in the freezing cold!” The landlord stared at the stranger and the tattoos that marked his neck. He knew this scientist was scared to death.

The door opened just a tiny bit. Eerie voices echoed in the darkness. He moved back, gave the scientist the lantern, and jerked his head back. He wondered what she kept on the opposite side. . .

He went to catch some air; his heart was pounding and he looked around to see what was inside. He saw a shadow lurking. That was the last time seeing any light before there was total darkness.

The man walked in slowly. The door shut.

By Ayaan Mahmood (6D)


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Well done Year 6. I can see that you have all worked really hard on your writing.

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