Where’s your book taken you to?


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We’re currently in London, solving a mystery with the help of The Baker Street Boys in our class story.

Where’s your book taken you?

Are you flying through space?
Are you solving a mystery?
Are you lying on a beach, just chilling?
Are you rescuing someone who has been kidnapped by an elephant?

Leave a post to tell me where you are!

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This book takes me to a school I hate. With a head teacher that spits a lot and a class teacher that despises me. Could my life get any worse? But besides this I have made a friend. His name is Theo and always and I mean ALWAYS gets good grades. He lives down the street. However his parents push him and his sister to far and seems to have hypnotised my PARENTS. Now my mom and dad are forcing my brother and I to join clubs and all I wanna do is practice my comedy skill. So far I have collected 63 jokes and counting.

My book is called “How To Train Your Parents” by Pete Johnson.

Hey I read that book 💯💯✅🔥

My book is called Fearless 30 Freak. Francine Pascal is the author and the characters in the book are chilling in Central Park in New York.

I am next to an elephant who has an unconscious girl in its trunk.

That book sounds interesting bilal can you please tell me more about it.

Lynne Reid Banks

Harry the Poisonous Centipede
My book is taking me to a place of hoo-mins and the centipede found a mole cricket.

From Areeba

Hi, my book has taken me to the top of a building it is dark and the sky is beautiful. The building is Ghastly Gorm Hall and the book is called Goth Girl and the Fate Worse than Death and the author is Chris Riddell.

My book is taking me to a competition of wolf vs elk who do you think is going to win.

I, Coriander
Sally Gardner
My book is currently in London next to the River Thames with a baby that has stopped crying and was soothed back to sleep.

I like the book called the case of the Stolen Sparklers. It inspired me and it takes me into another world when I read it. It takes me to a case of the jewels that were stolen from Lady Mountjoy and they are so delicate and prety that some one has stolen the jewels that are actually a fake – they are not the real jewels. I think whatever is going to hapen is that LadyMountjoy has hidden the real jewels and has replaced them with the fake jewels and then she will be caught red handed.

My books all about saving a girl from a cruel stepdad and were going to save her with the baker street boys shes still worried and scared to go back so rosie is going to go and see whats happening all the tricks are codes wow!

I am in a shimmering ball of light,
Rising ever higher,
Never stopping,
Next to me a wounded fox,
Her pelt a deep scarlet,
She yips and pleads for help,
But no one is there.

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