The Piano by Alesha Malhi

Imagine a piano with the saddest song, one that brings back memories,sad,happy disturbing.Imagine a man so depressed that all he can do is remember the times.
My leathery, wrinkled fingers bent out with a crack, as I reached out to play the keys. I played the song. I couldn’t stop it. Brought back many many memories…

Chaos is surrounding us. BANG! CRASH! The bullets cried passed me, zooming passed it went towards my brother. My heart was pounding, I couldn’t bare the feeling. It was horrible. Drops falling down from my cheek like a waterfall…

January 1940, I was playing the ancient piano with my beloved Anne. Her blonde hair was pinned in a tight bun. She was wearing a vintage dress, which flowed like a stream on a summers day. She kissed me and it felt like a butterfly had just landed. This is the last time I would see her before I went to the War …
That was then but now, it’s like I’ve been cast by a spell. A spell of lonelyness …

The Piano Narrative by Eloise

Sorrow. That’s all I have, in my dreams. Some memories can be joyful, Sorrow. That’s all I have, in my dreams. Some memories can be joyful, bringing back flashbacks that are very dear to me; others can make my wrinkly checks, wrinklier, as those are the ones that haunt me.

All I have left of my beloved family is the ancient,oak piano, that I play every night. There’s a song as well,full of emotional keys and tunes, that bring grief and despair. She used to play it, my Elizabeth. The song reminds me of her, when she………

My lips tightened as her face weakened and softened. I calapsed with sadness, as Salty pear dropped tears fell on to my leathery cheeks. I held her lifeless hands in my crooked ones, and whispered,
“I’ll miss you.”

BOOM! CRASH! WHOOSH! Chaos is surrounding me, I’ve got my squads’ and my brothers’ trust all on me, as I’m the medic. THWACK!
“TAKE COVER.” The General’s shouting.
I head to the nearest wall, my brother follows. He’s looking at me for the signal. I nod my head. All that happens now feels like it happened in a split second. He jumped out head first FWSHH! SPLAT! I rush to his side. I trod through the puddle of blood surrounding him, my heart pounding loudly.
“Tell Mary I love her.” He whispered as I was applying the bandage. “Stop brother there is no need.”
“Don’t worry pal, your stories will live on and so will your valiant heart.” I stood up and saluted, he’s gone……

My heart is now weeping as I have remembered these sad times. My grandchild is here now, playing withs my tuxedo. Oh the wedding day, my song speeds up and I’m there……..

I’m standing here waiting for her, the ring in my sweaty palm. The orchestra starts the music and I know she’s coming. The gorgeous, waxed doors glided open and I was blinded by beauty. Her blonde hair full of curls fell over her shoulder. A clean, lace, peach dress Which clung to her shaped body and pearls which fell from her neck. She gracefully strolled up the isle and in a second was standing next to me. The priest said the vows and then we were man and wife, together forever… At least that’s what I thought.

Story with empathy by Aleena

Dear Julie,

I have missed you a lot. How are you and the kids? I find it hard to write this. It pains me to say that my brother died in the war. And it’s all my fault.

I gave him the signal to go. I was messing with my belt. When suddenly I looked up,he was lying on the floor and there was nothing I could do to help, bring back life to his lifeless body. You and the kids are all I have left.

Altogether I regret everything except you and the kids.

Stay safe
Yours faithfully

Letter to Jane by Bridget

Dear Jane and Tomas,

I  hope your doing okand hopefully you receive this letter. I am writing to you to make sure you and tomas are ok. And to tell you what’s happening here. I have some very sad news about my brother.

yesterday morning was the worst moment of my life. My brother , Josh, had died. He was shot while I was messing with my ring. It’s all my fault.

I wish this war had never even started. But I’m trying my best. I wish I was there with you. I miss yOu, theres nothing I can do to get you to England.

The Piano By Serena

Imagine a piano that brings back memories , imagine somebody who has nobody left, imagine the sadness and grief loneliness can bring. This is a story of a piano like that.

I have arthritic, bony fingers and wrinkly skin. My hair is a grey-white colour and I’m can hear my grand-children playing in the garden whilst I’m playing my shiny, oak grand piano.

I remember going to and Elvis Presley concert and dressing up as a rock star with a blonde, long, puffy wig and crazy clothes which shimmered with the stage lights. I could hear the crowd cheering and the loud sound of the guitars and drums. I could feel the vibrations of the music shaking me like mad. I could smell the smoke from the smoke and confetti cannons. I could see people dancing; especially couples dancing to Love Me Tender and Elvis Presley singing his lovely songs.

I remember my dear wife Ann on our wedding day; she looked stunning in her wedding dress. I could hear the wedding bells ringing their classic tune. People were cheering after the kiss and as we walked down the aisle. I could taste the sweet wedding cake and bitter red wine. I even remember holding Ann’s delicate hand as we walked out of the ceremony. The scent of the fresh flowers was heavenly. I had butterflies in my stomach along with it twisting and turning in my tight suit. I felt the lace of Ann’s dress as I touched her waist. I’ve never been happier since then.

Playing the piano, I feel so lonely, because I should be playing this tune with Ann. My grand-children; Aymathest, Jake, Paul and Kaylee, are all playing in the garden still, and hopefully they don’t turn out like me. They’re all I have left.

I remember my old dog Prince. He was a big, beautiful German Sheperd. He was a good pal. We always used to go for walks round the park. His bark was a deep, gruff bark which always scared people! His soft, silky fur always comforted me when I was down. One weird thing about him was his disgusting, sloppy saliva. I wish he was still here, sitting by my side.

Oh Anne, I wish you were here! I loved you so much and now you’re gone. We always used to play the piano together side by side. I could touch your soft hand everyday and smell your sweet perfume that you always wore. Everybody dies, but why couldn’t you live for a little longer? I love you Ann; why did you have to go?

Right now, pear-shaped, salty tears are rolling down my cheeks like a mini waterfall. As long as my heart beats,  I’ll play this tune and remember all the memories that will stick with me for as long as I live.  All I have left are my grand-children , and I love them.

A Letter Home, By Ibraheem Zaman

The Battlefield,



14th June 1942.

Dear my darling Julie,

Sorry for not writing. I’ve been so busy in war. I am writing because I wanted to find out how you and Joe are doing. I have got some news and it’s not good news. There’s no easy way to say this but my brother has been shot. Has anybody died in England? Have the bombs been going off? I just want you to be safe. If you get hurt I will have nothing left.

How is Joe doing? Is he fine? How did he do in his exams? Sorry for asking so many questions but I care about you so much. Also, I need to tell you how my brother died. I signalled him and and I shouldn’t have. I was messing around with my ring. All I heard was a big BANG! I did everything I could to try to save him but there nothing left off him. How are we going to tell Joe?

I really hope that no bombs are going off there. I can not stop thinking about you. I haven’t stopped fighting. I am still with my mates but we’re in danger. Hopefully, I will survive.

Well, I can’t wait to get home and see you and Joe. The war is nearly over and it has been a hard time.

Love from,