Flipped Literacy – Wk Bg – 9th June

Next week, we will be writing a newspaper article based on a Greek Myth, which will be shared with your parents at our History Trail on Friday 13th June.

Watch the short animation below and then think of a headline which you could use to go with the story. Leave it as a comment!

Remember to consider the WILF for a newspaper headline –

  • No more than 7 words
  • May contain a play on words
  • Alliteration
  • Tells the reader the events

A visit from a retired journalist! By Alesha and Daniel.

After break time the whole of year 5 came into our class room. We saw a camera, which was on a tripod, standing in front of the white board.

Mrs Crofts, who teaches year 6 in our school, used to be a journalist. She shared her portfolio of front page stories that she had written for the Express and Star when she was 23.

She interviewed some of our friends and they had to play a role from the story Little red riding hood as Grandmother, Woodcutter, Wolf and Little red.