Flipped Learning

Hi guys, as you know I’m in Dublin at a conference with 120 teachers from all over Europe about how we can use technology and flipped learning to help young people learn.

How has having the iPads in the classrooms and the introduction of Flipped Learning activities helped you. There will be a marble in the jar for each comment posted…


9 thoughts on “Flipped Learning

  1. The iPads have really helped me. I think it gives us a break from having to write all the time and we are using our brains more.

  2. The flip learning has helped us loads, it has made us learn even more at home.The iPads have helped us learn new educational apps like pages, explain everything and popplet.

    • Thanks guys…I’ll share your comments tomorrow. Please try to encourage more members of our year group, or even your parents to leave a comment.

  3. iPads r very useful because of the apps there is pages, explain everything and accelerated reading and popplet.

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