Death of Joseph by Fozia

Dear Mum and Dad,

I have this most sorrowful news that I could ever tell you. I am drowning in tears as I write this. Joseph is….. I can’t say it…… DEAD. I fear that it is all my fault.

You are probably wondering if I am drunk or something but honestly I have not drunk any alcohol for the past few months. I held Joseph in my arms. His last words were spoken to me and they were ‘Give… Love… Family.’ Then he was gone.

His soul and life was fading away from his body and as I was trying to save it, it was gone and there was nothing I could do about it.

As I am asleep, I am watching the moonlight just like Joseph’s soul and life being taken away.

Give my love to all ,


– XXX-

The Web Of Guilt! By Kiran

Yesterday, Arachne, master weaver, was sacrificed by the goddess Athena who transformed her into a spider. This tragic incident took place in the small town of Lydia in Greece, between mortal and goddess. After the battle Arachne was transformed into a new species by the goddess because the master weaver had more powerful skills than the goddess Athena.

Athena, the god of war, was jealous of Arachne’s talent.. The goddess was atrocious and killed Arachne with her shimmering, golden trident on Arachne’s forehead. The master weaver was furious when she felt the pain from the trident/ then she felt guilty.

Arachne found a brown, large tree and hung herself up with a rope while she was dangling from the tree the goddess was shoked and squeezed a green bottle of nectar onto her forhead. Athena felt guilt – stricken and transformed her back to life. She didn’t turn her into her true human form but instead she transformed her into a giant spider. Athena said: “I did feel really sorry for Arachne and she did not deserve any of this! But I have given her another chance to live her life as a spider.”

Jada: My World

My name is Jada!  I first came to Bearwood Pimary Schoolat the age of 4, where I started in Reception. My sense of humour has led me to make friends from and early age,( when I start laughing I don’t stop!) and my attitude to learning has enabled me to achieve higher levels in my subjects . Read on to learn more about me…

I was born on Tuesday 18th February 2003 at City Hospital . I now live on Castle Rd West in Oldbury with my mum, dad and sister. 5 years ago I also got a cat called Chico!

I’ll always remember the day when I was walking with my Mum to Nursery, and the next thing I know I’m on the floor with a graze all across the side of my face and my teeth are poking through my lip! I remember feeling terrified, confused and mortified , and the most embarressing thing is I’ve still got the scar.

Last year we went to Egdmond Hall ; it was a great experience because we did lots of interesting activities such as : climbing the Wrekin, going for walks and having fun in general.

At home I love riding my bike , drawing  and meeting up with my friends. One thing I love to do is LAUGHING!!  During class a couple of weeks ago Miss Gaze started laughing then crying ( with laughter). Me and Zuzanna couldn’t stop laughing for at least an hour.

Letter by Danae.

Dear mom and dad,
I know you’ve already received the telegraph. I just wanted to tell you for myself.
James is dead. It’s all my fault. I am drowning in my own tears, just writing makes me emotional. My guilt was eating me alive when I held him in my arms. I still wonder why it wasn’t me.
My younger brother died before me. I told him… I told him not to join the army. He would not listen.

I’m sorry.
Please love me, please forgive me.
Yours truly Edison.

The piano by Jayden

Dear mum & dad,

I am drowning in my own tears because Frank has died. It was my fault because I told him to go.

It should have been me. As I picked him up he had his last breath. I carried him back and layed him in a lifeless landscape.

I feel like my should has been torn to shreds. Now I have to go back to the blood infested battle field along with the other lifeless soldiers.



Your son.

Our history trail!!

On Friday 24th May Year 5 had a history trail. Our parents came to see our work. They came to admire our efforts.They had a fantastic time.Refreshments and biscuits were available to eat and drink.The year 5 pupils worked their socks off literally to pull this off. They saw Bearwood’s history in different ways. They saw the logs books and they saw the artefacts that y5 dug up.

Wolf Busted By Sawaira

Yesterday, at approximately 10:30am a heroic woodcutter was proudly awarded a golden medal for his bravery. Jim Steventon, 32, rescued an innocent young girl and her elderly grandma from a ghastly, villianous wolf.

This incident happened in December 2012. Mr Steventon violently wacked the wolf across the nose. Mr Steventon heard an ear-piercing screamcoming from grandmas cottage. So he rapidly rushed to the cottage.

Mr Steventon kicked open the door and sliced off the wolfs nose with his razor, sharp axe. The wolf is now in prison.

The woodcutter says: “I am relieved and proud that I saved Little Red Riding Hood and her grandma. “But I really dont know what all the fuss is about I was just doing my job.”